Saturday, September 22, 2007

How I spent my Saturday...

It all started out innocently enough. I wanted some flannel for the backing of Bill's baby quilt. Since I know he and his wife will cherish it, I wanted something good quality. I went to my normal Duluth shop, but the selection was weak, and nothing screamed at me. So, I drove like 40 minutes (it seemed) to the shop on Sugarloaf. Their selection was even worse. So, I thought I could figure out how to get to the Dekalb shop. I ended up driving for at least one hour, all the way to Stone Mountain, and never quite got there.

Finally, I just headed back up north. I thought, I'll just go to Marietta. Took the wrong exit off of 75N and wasted at least another 45 minutes. Finally, made it to Tiny Stitches. 45 minutes of shopping later, and I found a great flannel, as well as the Autumny colors for the Nickel Swap. Then, I headed home to go to Home Depot for supplies for the Big Board, and Hobby Lobby. Then Boston Market for dinner.

Number of hours sewing: 0

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